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VS Joy is one of the prominent upcoming leaders of Congress. He is a good orator, an excellent coordinator, and a simple student leader. Today, he is turning into a glorious young face of Indian National Congress in Kerala.

VS Joy was born in an agricultural family in 1985 as the son of Mr. VA Saviour and Mrs.Mariama Saviour. After completing the primary education he joined Calicut Law College for LLB. His leadership quality was first seen when he became the school leader in 2001. Later on, he went on to become an office bearer of KSU at Calicut Law College. In 2007, he became the district secretary of KSU in Malappuram and in 2008, the district vice-president. His success in the 2009 election as the state secretary of KSU, in the election which Rahul Gandhi envisaged, was widely noticed.

He went on to become the president of KSU in 2012. VS Joy is one of the best presidents of KSU and his contributions were to be duly noted. Under his leadership, KSU fought back in the elections and successfully captured 5 universities including Calicut University; where the party had victoriously came back to power after 15 years. They were able to retain this success for the next 3 consecutive years. Under VS Joy's leadership, KSU successfully captured other universities like Fisheries University, Kasargod Central University, Agricultural University, and Malayalam University. This was also the first time in last 25 years that KSU was able to get a majority in Kerala University Senate Election and was able to send the student representative to the Senate. In the MG University elections, the party had a close graze with victory and lost by a small margin of 12 votes.

He is a noteworthy coordinator. He coordinated and participated in various student strategies including those conducted in Law Academy. When the party asked him to contest in the 2016 legislative assembly elections against one of the senior leader, VS Achuthananthan he never hesitated though the risk was high and chances of success were feeble. The future of our nation needs to be build by the hands of educated, thoughtful, wise and strong leaders with high caliber. Let us all support VS Joy the upcoming young Leader to build the bright future of our nation.

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